Dear Woman, 
Your womb is a gateway to your soul, guided by the wisdom of countless women who came before you. Release old wounds and unlock the limitless creative power within you. Together with Maria Magdalena and the Aloha Spirits of Hawaii, I will assist you in cleansing your womb, finding balance, and embracing your truest self. You’ll receive powerful initiations to empower your manifestation. 
Delve deep into yourself, discover your inner treasures, and be enchanted by the celestial harmony. 
Let your womb shine with new life and be free from the pain and burdens of the past. 
Your womb is a temple for new life and creation. 
A beautiful program has emerged from this wonderful fusion of the many Spirits and the moon’s potency. It includes cleansing rituals, initiation journeys to Hawaii, transformative meditations, and more to cleanse your temple and reactivate your creative power on deeper levels. 
Yes! You read it right. The Moon’s energy is also part of this journey. Therefore, all gatherings will take place around the New and Full Moon. 


"Within the pure light of your womb, the secrets of the universe reside, yearning to be unveiled by you". (Mary Magdalene)

This program is meant for you if: 
You deeply desire to live, love, and manifest from your heart and soul
You yearn to deeply explore the divine power within your pelvis and reunite with your inner Creator. 
Mary Magdalene touches your heart, and Hawaii beckons your soul, making you feel you’d love to be there. 
You sense that your sexual energy is blocked and feel its weight in your pelvis and life. 
You wish for a more fulfilling love life. 
You want to open yourself again to receive a partner. 
You feel stuck in your spiritual creation process and desire to flow once more. 
You seek soul-deepening and further personal development. 
You yearn to know your unique spiritual power and discover your life’s mission. 
You want to be a soulful and authentic CEO of your company


💫 What will you experience?💫

In this beautiful program, consisting of 4 powerful online gatherings, await cleansing rituals, powerful initiations, enchanting meditations, and happy energy journeys to Hawaii. 
Mary Magdalene and the Aloha Spirits will cleanse your womb and awaken your creative power at the level of your soul. According to the Spirits, these initiations go deeper than the “Rite of the Womb” and liberate your creative force at the most profound layers of your being. 
Together, we will work with the power of Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian art of forgiveness and reconciliation. 
You will be prepared for cleansing and receiving magical initiations through practical exercises. 
And the best part: you’ll have temporary access to the replays, allowing you to dive even deeper into the sessions at your own pace. (To safeguard your privacy, the replays will not be downloadable) 
💫 Let this loving journey lead you to embrace your womb and soul power, filling your heart with pure JOY.💫

💫 These are the experiences of women who have walked this path before you: 

“The energy in my womb flows freely. I feel soft, feminine, and sensual. Jane helped me uncover the root of my blockages. It’s truly amazing how all the Spirits she works with are there to offer their assistance.” – (Arianna Brussel) 
“I had a special Alohaworkshop with Jane where she activated our sexual energy using the power of Hawaii. It was a truly extraordinary experience. I found her guidance to be excellent, and her approach is filled with love. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you want to reignite your sexual flow. Thank you, dear Jane, for being who you are and doing what you do.” – (Femke Joy) 
Dear Jane, If wombs could speak, they would gladly do so through you. There is so much mystery, trauma, pleasure, playfulness, juiciness, and vibrancy within wombs. How wonderful that you speak on behalf of all those beautiful women’s wombs. Sharing. Living. Guiding. Transforming. You are the shining example of an open, soft, and strong women’s womb. You truly possess the gift of a womb speaker. Share all your wisdom, insights, and gifts, taking us into that playfulness and safety. You can make those wombs dance and revel in joy. Bringing juiciness to where it once felt abandoned and empty. 
Your work, Jane, is profoundly transformative and so crucial at this moment in the world. Women yearn for it. So, thank you, Jane, for giving women’s wombs a voice.” – (Judith Verschuren)💫



💫 July 22 was the birthday of Mary Magdalene.💫

She approached me on this day to channel this important message for you.
Listen here and experience her heartfelt birthday message.
And of course, I can’t forget to make you immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii. Enjoy this wonderful video.


💫 What will this beautiful fusion bring into your life?💫

An ocean of unconditional love where you’ll be embraced, supported, and healed by Primordial Mother Maria Magdalena, Pele, Kanaloa, and many other spirits from Hawaii. This profound experience may also lead to an improved connection with your biological mother, even if she has passed away, as it opens up a deeper soul connection with her. 
A deeply nourishing Womb Transformation with profound insights will nurture your soul. 
Awakening and deepening of your sexual/creative power: you’ll be more consciously attuned to this potential, empowering you to manifest your deepest desires. 
Heightened self-awareness as a Creator/Priestess. 
A profound alignment with your Feminine essence. 
Your relationships with others will blossom into greater warmth and love. 
Your experience of sexuality will be enriched by soul consciousness. 
You’ll establish a profound connection with your body and life. 
You’ll live authentically from your unique energy field, staying true to yourself. 
You’ll feel lighter, more relaxed, and happier. 


The program and schedule

💫 Get ready for a life-changing online journey with our exclusive 2-month program! 💫
Experience 4 powerful mind-blowing online sessions, each lasting a minimum of 2 hours, all perfectly aligned with the magical energies of Mary Magdalene, and the Spirits under the New and Full Moon phases.
 💫 Join us on:
September 16 under New Moon from 7.30 -9.30 pm 
September 30 under Full Moon 7.30 – 9.30 pm
Oktober 15: New Moon 7.30 – 9.30 pm
November 5: New Moon for the follow-up from 8 – 9.30 pm💫
🌎 The time zone is Central European Standard Time (CEST). Not in CEST? Just use this handy converter to find your local time zone. 

💫The environment:

Join us in a safe and private online environment via Zoom, where you’ll dive deep into the secrets of the universe and unleash your true potential! 
Act Fast, Spots are Limited! Secure your spot now, as we’re limiting the program to just 6 participants! Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of a loving and transformative group. 🎉

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Don’t Miss Out on this Exclusive 2-month Program!
 Take charge of your life, embrace your creative potential, and unlock the secrets of the universe with our transformative 2-month program! 

The Price:

🔥 Regular Price:  $482.79 

🔥 Special Offer:

Sign up before September 6th and secure your spot for only: $397! 🔥
Payment Plans Available! Just contact us to find out more.
Payment: via Paypal 
📞 For any inquiries, call us on WhatsApp at +31637036828 or reach out via email at We’re here to help! 📧
Dear beautiful woman,
If your heart and soul are calling, join this amazing program and travel with us on this journey of Self-Discovery and discover the true power of your womb, align with your inner Creator, and experience an ocean of unconditional love guided by Mary Magdalene, Pele, Kanaloa, and the Spirits of Hawaii and the shining Moon.
💫 Lead a happier, more fulfilling life today! 💫