Womb purification & initiations by Mary Magdalene and The Aloha Spirits of Hawaii


Secure your spot with this OFFER, valid until September 6th, 2023.
After this date, the regular rate of $ 482.79 applies.
For any inquiries, call +31637036828 or send a message to: info@janeharidat.com.
Embrace this empowering journey and step into the radiant life you were destined to live! 🌟
🌺 Awaken Your Soul’s Creative Power! 🌺
Join us for a captivating online event: “Womb Purifications and Initiations” by Maria Magdalena and The Aloha Spirits of Hawaii, under the shining New and Full Moon.
Experience the profound awakening of your sexual energy and creative force at the soul level, allowing you to live and love from your heart and soul, as the true Creator of your most beautiful life.
Let your womb radiate as it was meant to be!
Discover all the transformative details here.


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