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Beautiful Souls,

Do you dream of experiencing love and sensuality with your beloved from a profound soul connection? To feel free and effortlessly surrender to it?

However, do you find that the reality differs from your desires, and that you:

I understand the deep blockages, as I come from a history of severe abuse myself. But I have transformed my greatest nightmares into a life filled with purpose and inner freedom.

Now, I assist entrepreneurial souls in restoring their connection with themselves, love, and sensuality. My practical soul programs offer a transformative journey to live from your divine core, where love and manifestation converge to fulfill your deepest desires.

I do this with passion and love, and I have already helped many people worldwide.

This is what they say about their outcomes and our collaboration: 

I felt stucked in my energies, feeling really sad. Not knowing what was happening to me. I met Jane as a mutual friend of one of my friends who speak highly of her.Jane helped me with online sessions. Thunderous applause for her inner child healing work! She is as psychic/intuitive as I’ve seen but has a great and rare intuitive emphasis on inner child and family constellation work. She was able to put me in foundational moments until I could finally be there completely. She helped me to shift, even sometimes using her theatre and channeling gifts to act like that “other person in my family until it made the inner child work real. I was in Hawaii when I had my online session with her. Something magical happened when she started to work with the Spirits of Hawaii. A baby whale even jumped out of the sea at the pivotal moment, something I see with master healers coming by the water. The work changed my life thank you, Jane. I highly recommend her if you want to grow spiritually and free yourself of any blockage.” (Noelani)

The first time I got introduced to Jane’s work was during an ordinary Wednesday at the diner table in the living room of a mutual friend. No one knew that for two hours eight women gathered in secret for what Jane named ‘sextalk lunches”. The lunch was fabulous and the talk would turn out to be an open and honest conversation during which Jane invited us to drop any hesitation we might feel to speak freely about our sex life. With her openhearted and playful approach Jane does not beat around the bush. She names it (whatever ‘it’ might be) exactly for what it is and with that gives everyone else permission to do the same. I am thrilled to see Jane’s intial sextalk lunches now being developed into a talkshow in front of an audience and broadcasted over the ethers. It’s time we shamelessly talk about sex! Plus that I still see that same playful woman whom I met all those years ago in the living room of a mutual friend, tempting and teasing her audience into talking about sex openly and freely as always” (Nicole)


My dream is also your dream, and together, we can make it come true. My greatest wish is that every woman and every man loves and lives from their essence!

Because then you live from the right consciousness to:

Experience total Self-Love,
Self-Recognition, and Self-Acceptance

Live courageously and from a deep connection with yourself and your sexuality

Attract your soulmate who loves you unconditionally

From this state of consciousness, you experience a heavenly togetherness and optimal pleasure in love. Who wouldn’t want that? Therefore, these very important questions: how would it be for you to:

 Just believe that this is all possible for you. Of course, it takes some effort from your side. You don’t need to worry about the How that is my responsibility. If you are willing to do the work it requires, you will surely succeed!


A sneek peek at My Offer

I work online and offline for VIPS, groups, and couples from all over the world.

All Soul programs following are tailored for My VIPs depending on your needs and questions. 

A few of my Programs are: Powerful meditation to connect with the Soul, Mind-Body Connection, How to return to your sexual flow, Discovering your Soul, Healing Ancestral lines. Other programs are Mending the Heart, Soulful Intimacy and Womb Cleansing, and Blessings to awaken your True Potential.

I offer profound readings and healings, along with free and paid online Masterclasses.

For Couples: Relation and marriage counseling.

For women who experienced an abortion or miscarriage, I offer a program to restore their Creation Line.

Your path to transformation starts right here. 

Let’s plan a free call to find out what suits you the best, and to get your questions answered.


The Magic of My Work. 

Really! I have to share more magic with you! . Besides the different VIP and group programs, I have a special way to help you find your true self. I’d love to take you to the Paradise of Hawaii, where, with the help of the truly powerful and loving Aloha Spirits, I can playfully and wonderfully assist you. How cool is that? 


In my Hawaii programs, I guide you, step by step, to make your dreams come true and take you to this enchanting paradise on Earth:


There, you’ll become anchored in your essence. From your essence, you will love and be loved from now on.

Magical | Sensual
Loving | Free | Surrendering | Happy
Playful | Passionate

The magical connection between Hawaii and our sexuality, our creative power.

Hawaii has a special connection to loving from our essence and sexual energy because, in our essence, resides our sexual energy.

Sexual energy is our creative power. In our essence, we are free and joyful in love, effortlessly and naturally creating. We are completely free from guilt, shame, and judgment regarding our sexual energy.

We lose our connection to our essence when we prioritize our thinking over our hearts.

In Hawaii, this (Lemurian) essence power is present 24/7. In Lemuria, we lived 24/7 from our core/essence.

Hawaii symbolizes this timeless essence and connection.

The good news is that this Lemurian power is not only present 24/7 in Hawaii but also within your DNA.

As a result, you become anchored in your essence more quickly! Magical right?

In practically all my programs, I work with the Aloha Power of Hawaii. So, I’m excited to share a bit more with you about my Hawaii DNA

”You will bring Hawaii to the world and the world to Hawaii.”

During my first trip to Hawaii in 2008, my Aumakua, the Hawaiian ancestors, predicted my path, which I initially doubted. Now, I conduct successful Aloha workshops in the Netherlands and organize Magical retreats to Hawaii.

In 2012, I had the privilege of living in Hawaii and received guidance from my direct guides, including Pele, the primary Hawaiian goddess, to fulfill my mission. I’m a conduit for their magical healings and can communicate with Aloha Spirits, dolphins, and whales.

I embody the spiritual essence of Hawaii and help clients transform, living and loving from their core. I’m not only a powerful healer but also a multidimensional medium, making the invisible tangible. Through this work, my clients learn to harness Hawaii’s power in their daily lives, living from their essence, and attracting the right partner.

Below, I’ll share everything about my “Loving from the Essence” program, designed to guide you step by step back to your core. Through this journey, you’ll discover how to love and be loved from a deep place of connection and freedom. I’m delighted to present two exciting options for you

A sneak peek into my Hawaiian kitchen

Are you looking to quickly reconnect with your sexual flow? Are you already on a journey of sexual liberation?

Then opt for a 14-day program, which includes a divine stay in Hawaii, and liberate yourself from guilt, shame, and judgment surrounding your sexuality.

Get all the details about this wonderful and deeply transforming program right here



If you’re seeking a lasting transformation in your love life, consider our 6-month program with a divine stay in Hawaii.

I’ll lead you through each step towards loving from your essence and achieving inner freedom.

This program will soon be available in English. Let’s plan a free call to talk about the program or get other questions answered.